AnydayCasual Story

The Softest T-Shirt In The World

How AnydayCasual Began

AnydayCasual began when Jake, Kaleb, and Brian experienced stories surrounding the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This patch is between Japan and North America, and contains millions of tons of plastic waste. They began to search what causes the majority of this waste. Their research showed that the clothing industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and consumes more energy than aviation and shipping combined, says the United Nations Environment Program. Every second, one trash truck's worth of textiles is either burned or sent to a landfill, the U.N. said. Jake, Kaleb, and Brian wanted to fix this issue by creating a brand centered around the aspect of "taking care." Whether that's taking care of the planet, taking care of others, or even taking care of yourself, AnydayCasual strives on bettering each aspect of the greater community "anyday" of the week. After realizing the statistics surrounding the clothing industry, we wanted to solve this problem by creating luxury t-shirts for the modern professional. In order to do this efficiently we had to use 100% American grown cotton, our custom SilkStretch™ knitting process, and partner with fair trade factories.

Modern Sustainable T-Shirts

The AnydayCasual team set out to make the world’s most versatile sustainable t-shirt for the modern young professional. Many of us are always on the go each day of our lives. Our days are continuously revolved around traveling, whether that’s to work, going to class, to a social event, a vacation the list goes on. The question is, why is it so hard for a person to find a sustainable shirt that’s suitable for all these occasions that also looks stylish and professional? A shirt that’s not too casual for work, but not too fancy for a social outing. Millennials and Gen-Zers are leading the movement of creating a more sustainable planet, while also being at the forefront of wearing workwear that's more casual and comfortable. It’s taken us a year to find and create our fabric. We're super proud to have created something from scratch that doesn’t create micro-plastics when washed and doesn’t use 600+ gallons of water to make one shirt. Our fabric is also odor resistant which will help make you look good, smell good, and feel confident each and everyday.


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