Why Sustainable Green Fashion Is Critical To Our Future

Sustainable Men's Clothing

The Sustainable Decade

2021 is a decade where sustainability is going to be at the forefront of our culture. 2020, was a very popular year for banning plastic straws in certain states. However, plastic straws only account for .025% of our micro-plastic waste. When people list and name items that contain plastic, and harm the environment, clothing is rarely mentioned as being a negative impact to our carbon footprint. As stated in GreenBiz “apparel production is linked to environmental ills, such as water and air pollution, not to mention the land, water and pesticide use related to growing natural fibers. Now, a growing body of research shows that apparel made wholly or partially from synthetic textiles is the source of yet another big problem: a type of micro-plastic known as microfibers, which shed during normal use and during laundering.

Sustainable Green Fashion


Microfibers are made from polyester or other popular synthetics that account for a growing proportion of our wardrobes. These fibers linger in the environment, just like the plastic packaging that coats so many of the world’s beaches. These then bond to chemical pollutants in the environment, such as DDT and PCB. In addition to that, the textiles shed during this process are often treated with waterproofing agents, stain- or fire-resistant chemicals or synthetic dyes that could be harmful to organisms that ingest them. What's even worse is that we all appear to be consuming microfibers in our foods and drinks each and everyday.

Microplastics in our oceans

Micro-fabrics Study

A micro-fabrics research study published last year indicates that some microfibers floating in the air could be settling in our lungs.” With this being said, research has been going on to see if diseases surrounding lung related issues have any correlation with micro-plastics. Researchers are always studying and doing tests to see if some lung related issues could in fact be caused by the intake of micro-plastics. Even though none of us know that we are drinking micro-plastics, or that even 1,900 of these fibers come off a polyester fleece jacket every time it’s washed, it happens every second, minute, and hour of each day.

Who is this t-shirt for?

We decided to make a shirt for the everyday modern man whose always out and about pursuing new interesting challenges. All of our lives are busy, at least most of ours are. Why should you have to change what you wear for each event you experience each day, when in reality AnydayCasual's t-shirts can be dressy, casual, and loungewear all at the same time. Join the sustainable movement today!

AnydayCasual Eco Mindset

We at AnydayCasual have a mindset of bettering the environment to help reduce micro-plastics, the use of water, and even clothes sitting in landfills. Our SilkStretch™ everyday t-shirts are perfect work wear, going out wear, travel wear, and weekend wear.

Social outing men's clothing

What Fabrics does AnydayCasual Use?

We wanted to shift from the basic/outdated approach in making a t-shirt to a more sustainable approach. What we mean by this, is getting rid of the normal poly/cotton blended t shirts, and focusing on a luxurious fabric that contains American pima cotton. We then use an innovative knitting process called our SilkStretch™ knit which gives our shirts a buttery soft, and stretchy feel that never loses its shape. Even though cotton is biodegradable and comfortable to wear, it uses 660 gallons of water to produce a single shirt. We wanted to change that by using pima cotton grown locally in the U.S.A. Our technology creates the last shirt you’ll ever own. Why pay for cheap cotton/polyester blended t shirts that wrinkle, smell, and stain from your sweat when you can enjoy the most comfortable t-shirts made from the finest fabrics on earth from AnydayCasual.